The Journey Begins

I have been toying around with the idea of starting a blog for quite sometime now. One moment I would jump at the chance to write one, with a million and one ideas of content flowing through my brain of what I could write – and another moment, I would be completely put off by the effort that goes on keeping a blog, and a very realistic thought that I’m probably going to run out of things to say by the third post. Alas, here I am. At ten minutes to midnight, my impulsiveness got ahead of me, “why not start one and see where this ends up right?”Perhaps the first step is to find a niche/ theme for this – I’m thinking whatever defines my life.It all started when a few (a lot) of my friends are either pregnant or trying to conceive. For a while, we were the first to have a kid in our friend group. It was (still is at times) awkward at first. We were the sleep deprived couple, with a baby(ies) in tow, often crying (baby or parent), often having my boobs out to feed, often late, often disheveled. Some friends don’t know what to do or where to look, others marvelled on how small our daughters’ toes were. Some friends we bonded more through this, others have ghosted us because our life stage is just simply too different for them to handle. Despite all this, there has been questions or advice sought out by our friends about parenting or doing life with a dependent human beings for the rest of your life. “How has it been?”, “Have you grown as a human because you’re raising one?”, “How you do know what the baby needs?”, “What is that liquid?”. Knowing me, a blabber, I used this (or any) chance as a jumping platform to go into a 15 minute spiel about my experiences about parenting – answering the initial question optional. After all, it’s been a hot minute since we have become the only parents in our friend group and it gets lonely. Plus – I’m usually the one asking all the questions to the mother’s brains trust and frantically taking notes about giving birth, sleep training, starting solids and now toilet training, and believe you me, I have nothing but gratitude from all the advice, because it has made me a calmer mother than what I could have been.So perhaps this blog can be about my parenting experience. But then it hit me. Life goes beyond than just being a parent. Life goes beyond keeping my children alive. I love my kids to bits (evident to the 1000+ photos and videos of them, or that Hanli and I talk about our kids when they’re asleep), but I don’t want my identity to solely on being a mother. That is not solely who I am, I am more than that.I am a registered nurse (RN) by trade. I work part-time, and I’ve probably worked the same amount of time as I have been on maternity leave, but my 5 face goatskin degrees (minor flex) and the ridiculous amount of student loan tells me that I am an RN. I laugh when people ask me for advice on medical issues, or better yet – when my family copy and paste circular junk threads about keeping healthy and avoiding diseases and illnesses by drinking copious amounts of hot water. Don’t even go there, folks. Still, I can’t bank on my job to define me who I am either, nor can I write about medical stuff/ advice without being triggered.I am a wife of my husband, Hanli. Together, we make a great talking team. We banter a lot and keep on each others toes. We’re also have our learners plate in this marriage business because, boy, it is persistent work! Perhaps our gift of the gab has made people feel confident to ask us about marriage advice – to which we say “get in line! We’re figuring that out too!”. Since February 2019, Hanli was ordained as the full-time pastor of our church. It’s been a fantastic and blessed time to go into the world of ministry – however, we are still fresh off the boat on this vocation – so perhaps I can write about being a pastor’s wife, but it will just be full of quotes from books and other wonderful women who’s experienced this for a lot longer than me.My identity solely relies on being a Christian; in Christ. In Christ, I am able to see my #lifegoals and that is to glorify Him in everything I do. As a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and an employee, I strive to seek all my patience, love, care, wisdom, compassion and strength from Jesus himself. People often ask “how do you do it?” – well not me but Christ in me who does it!So what will this blog be about?Hello, I’m Sarah. I love Jesus, as well as my husband, Hanli, and two children. I live in Auckland, New Zealand and work as an RN part-time. In my spare time I love to blob and take naps to catch-up on my sleep debt. This year (and I guess for the years to come) I strive to become better at keeping plants alive, read more books, and learn new skills. I’m an amateur in DIY, a novice in sewing, baking and cooking, and not an expert in anything. I’m a binger in life – books, TV shows, chores, you name it – I love to do everything all at once and then not do it for a while (to detox). Join in me in my adventures as I blog about my experiences, thoughts and rants in all aspects of life.

By Sarah

Sarah considers herself as a JAFA (just another friendly Aucklander) who loves Jesus. She is a wife of a bookworm-NBA-anime-loving husband, a mum of two very extroverted girls, and works as an RN. In her spare time (if she's not napping) she loves to meet with other women for a coffee or dessert, or you'll find her on the couch blobbing with a drink on one hand and a book/ phone on the other.

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